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Domo Knowledge Base

Previewing and Exporting Your CourseBuilder App

Version 6


Use the following graphic to learn about the different options available for previewing and publishing/exporting apps you have built in CourseBuilder.


Important If CourseBuilder fails to publish your app to your Domo instance, there are a few possible reasons why. First, the size of your app may exceed 100 MB. If this is the case, consider adjusting the size or compression of your video and/or graphic files in the app to bring the file size below 100 MB, or you can simply separate out the app into multiple apps that cover the same content but use a smaller file size. A second reason your app might not publish is because your bandwidth is low and CourseBuilder is unable to transfer the app assets to Domo before the process times out. A third possible reason is that you're using a VPN that accesses your network through a proxy server. The only workaround for this problem at this time is to log out of your VPN and then try to publish the app via alternative Internet connections. If you have attempted each of these workarounds and still cannot publish your app, please contact Support.