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Setting Up a Google Analytics Report in Domo for your Training App

Version 8


If you plan to bring the data Google Analytics is tracking for your app(s) into Domo, follow these steps for setting up a connector and report that will pull in the most helpful data:

  1. Click Plus/Add at the top of the interface.

  2. Select Data.

  3. Select Cloud app.

  4. In the Data Connectors page, search for "Google Analytics."

  5. Select the Google Analytics connector.

  6. Select Get the Data.

  7. If you haven’t connected a Google Analytics account already, select Connect and then go through the process of adding that account.

  8. Select the desired account from the list and select Next.

  9. In the View category of the Data Selection tab, open the dropdown list and select your app (e.g. Modocorp > My Training App…).

  10. In the Report category dropdown, select Custom Report. At this point, you have a number of metrics or dimensions you can choose from to add to your report or DataSet. Below are some recommended metrics or dimensions you might consider, with the priority options in bold.

    Note: Custom variables must first be added in Google Analytics. See this article for instructions on how to add custom variables: Setting Up a Google Analytics Report in Domo for your Training App.
    • Custom Variables or Columns: App Name, Instance, User ID

    • Page Tracking: Pageviews, Time on Page, Unique Pageviews, Page

    • Session: Sessions, Bounces, Session Duration (Metric), Session Duration (Dimension)

    • Time: Date

    • User: New Users, Number of Sessions per User

    • Event Tracking: Unique Events, Event Action, Event Category, Event Label

  11. Select your preferred range for the data (e.g. 60 days).

  12. Select Run Test, and then select Next.

  13. Schedule the date/time you’d like your data to refresh.

Within a few moments, your new Google Analytics DataSet should load. From here, you can create cards to visualize, for example, who has visited your app, what page they visited, and for how long.