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Domo Knowledge Base

Adding a Custom App to Domo

Version 22


Custom App cards can be created using any of the following methods:

  • App Design Studio. This tool leverages all the capabilities of Adobe Illustrator to help you create your design and layer on data driven pieces.  You can combine graphic assets with "widgets"—pieces of code that can connect to data. There is no need to understand code to utilize App Design Studio. Once you upload your design to Domo, you can connect to any of your DataSets to power your design and have it update on your schedule.

  • App Dev Studio. This tool provides maximum flexibility for creating Custom Apps.  It is best suited for developers with web-based programming experience such as HTML, CSS, or JavaScript.  Any application that can run on the web can be created as a Custom App and run in Domo.

  • Reaching out to your Domo Customer Success Manager or Technical Consultant.

For documentation on App Design Studio and App Dev Studio, see

Video - Using Custom Apps