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Previewing a Document

Version 12



When a document or image has been uploaded to Domo, either in a Doc Card or in a Buzz discussion, you can open a preview mode for the file. This preview mode provides all of the following capabilities:

  • Standard- and full-screen viewing modes

  • A page indicator that lets you jump to a specific page in the document (when the document consists of multiple pages)

  • Page navigation buttons

  • A download icon 

You can also open the preview mode for a file before it is saved as a card; that is, when you select a file for a new Doc Card, the preview mode becomes available.  

Opening the file preview mode 

If the file you want to preview has been uploaded to a Doc Card, you can open the preview mode from the card Details page. If the document has been attached to a Buzz post, you can preview the document just by clicking the thumbnail. You can also preview the document after selecting it in the New Document dialog.

Note: If you attach a file with an unpreviewable file type (e.g. a .wav file) to a Buzz post, an image of a generic blue square containing the file extension. appears for the thumbnail and preview. However, you can still download such files in the preview mode. For more information about downloading, see Downloading a Document from Domo

If the file belongs to an unsupported file type, an error message appears. For a list of supported file types, see Permitted File Types for Attachments

To open the preview mode from the file Details view,

  1. Click the Doc Card.
    The Details view for the Card opens.

  2. Mouse over the upper portion of the document.

  3. Click the  icon that appears.

To open the preview mode from Buzz,

  1. Click the thumbnail of the attached document.

To open the preview mode from the New Doc Card dialog,

  1. Select the file you want to appear in a Card. 
    For more information about uploading a document, see Adding a Doc Card to Domo.
  2. Click 

Understanding the document preview mode interface   

The following screenshot shows the components of the preview mode view for a file. This is the standard (non-full-screen) view that first appears when you open the reading view.

You can learn more about these components in the following table:



Page indicator

Shows you the number of the currently displayed page and lets you navigate to other pages.

Full-screen icon 

Opens the full-screen-width version of the file. 

Download icon 

Lets you download this file to your own computer. 

Close button 

Closes the reading view for the file. 

Navigation buttons 

Allow you to navigate from one page to the next if the file consists of more than one page. 

The following screenshot shows you the full screen-width version of the same file shown above (which you access by clicking ). The options in this version are the same, except for the   icon, which returns the view to the standard version.