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Category Scatter Chart

Version 12



A category scatter chart is similar to a scatter plot chart in that items are plotted using X-Y coordinates—for every x and y value pair, a bubble is plotted on the chart. However, whereas in a scatter plot chart points are plotted at the intersection of two values, a category scatter chart includes both a value scale and a category scale, and bubbles are plotted at the intersection of each category-value pairing. Categories are represented down the y-axis and values are measured along the x-axis, as in horizontal bar charts.

Powering category scatter charts

A category scatter chart requires two columns of data in your DataSet—one for categories and one for values. For information about value and category data, see Understanding Chart Data.

In the Analyzer, you choose the columns containing the data for your category scatter chart. For more information, see Applying DataSet Columns to Your Chart.

For more information about formatting charts in the Analyzer, see KPI Card Building Part 2: The Analyzer.

The following graphic shows you how the data from the category and value columns in a typical column-based spreadsheet is converted into a category scatter chart:

Customizing category scatter charts

You can customize the appearance of a category scatter chart by editing its Chart Properties. For information about all chart properties, see Chart Properties.