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Face Gauge

Version 22



A gauge is a simple chart that indicates progress towards meeting a target. A face gauge uses an image of a face to show progress towards a goal. Three ranges are available—a red frowning face for "poor," an orange face with a blank expression for "fair," and a green smiling face for "excellent." Other gauge types in Domo include single value gauges, filled gauges, progress bar gauges, radial gauges, and comparative fill gauges.

Video - How to Use the Face Gauge Chart


Powering face gauges

A face gauge requires only two columns or rows of data from your DataSet—one contains categories, and the other contains the values. If multiple categories are present, only the first category is used; all the others are ignored. If the first category contains more than one series, the series are aggregated to yield a single value for the gauge unless you select No Aggregation. Only three ranges are available in face gauges. For more information about ranges, see Setting Properties for Gauges and Chart Properties.

For information about value, category, and series data, see Understanding Chart Data.

In the Analyzer, you choose the columns containing the data for your face gauge. For more information about choosing data columns, see Applying DataSet Columns to Your Chart.

For more information about formatting charts in the Analyzer, see KPI Card Building Part 2: The Analyzer.

The following graphic shows you how the data from the category and value columns in a typical column-based spreadsheet is converted into a face gauge:

Customizing face gauges

You can customize the appearance of a gauge by editing its Chart Properties. For information about all chart properties, see Chart Properties. For more information about gauge properties, see Setting Properties for Gauges.



Green Range/Yellow Range/Red Range > Minimum Value

Lets you specify the minimum value for the selected color range.

Green Range/Yellow Range/Red Range > Maximum Value

Lets you specify the maximum value for the selected color range.