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Analyzer Overview

Version 35



In the Analyzer you build the chart or table for your KPI card. You can also specify visual characteristics for the chart such as the chart type, filters, sorting, summary number, date grain, and advanced chart properties. You can also use Beast Mode to create calculations for use in transforming columns. 

For information about the user interface components of the Analyzer, see Analyzer Layout.

Building your chart

To build and specify visual characteristics for a chart or table,

  1. In the Analyzer, specify the characteristics you want.
    Use the following table to locate the desired topic.




    Editing the Name or Description of a KPI Card


    Editing the Name or Description of a KPI Card

    DataSet columns

    Applying DataSet Columns to Your Chart

    Table labels

    Editing the Column Header Labels for Your Chart Table View

    Value formatting

    Formatting Values in Your Chart

    Goal markers

    Adding a Goal Line to Your Chart

    Chart type

    Available Chart Types

    Building Each Chart Type


    Adding Filters to Your Chart

    Sort criteria

    Sorting the Data in Your Chart

    Summary number

    Configuring Your Chart Summary Number

    Advanced chart properties

    Chart Properties

    Transforms and calculations

    Beast Mode

    Conditional colors on DataSet columns

    Setting Color Rules for a Chart

    Chart data table

    Understanding the Data Table in Analyzer

    DataSet lineage

    Viewing the Lineage of a DataSet in Analyzer 

  2. Click Save Card.

  3. (Optional) In the dialog, enter a comment about your changes.
    The comment appears with the revision in the History tab in the Details view for a KPI card. For more information about the History tab, see History view.

  4. Click Save & Finish.

Video - Analyzer Overview


Video - Creating Cards in Analyzer