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Editing the Column Header Labels for Your Chart Table View

Version 12


By default the column header labels in the Details Table view for your chart are the same as those in your original DataSet. However, in the Analyzer, you can change these. You do this by entering a new label in the Label field for the desired column. This field is hidden by default but you can open it by clicking the column name you want to change in the column fields area above the chart.

When you specify a label, it appears above its associated column in the Table view in the Details page, as shown in the following screenshot:

For example, if your DataSet contained a values column named "SLS1014" and you wanted to give it a more comprehensible name for your viewers such as "Sales for October 2014," you would open the Analyzer, click the "SLS1014" column name in the field area, then enter "Sales for October 2014" into the Label field. Viewers who went into the Details page and then clicked  to open the Table view would see the new label in the data table.

For more information about the Analyzer layout, see Analyzer Layout.  For more information about the Details Table view, see Table view.

To add a Table view label,

  1. In the Analyzer for the chart, click the column name you want to change in the field area above the chart. 

  2. Enter the desired label in the Label field.

  3. Press Enter.