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Sample Beast Mode Calculations: Basic Transforms

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Refer to this article for help in writing Beast Mode calculations for basic transforms such as renaming a column, creating a custom sort order, filtering values, and so on.

Rename a Column

You can use a calculation to rename a column in your data. For example, to rename a column named "daily_total" to "Daily Total", create a calculation named "Daily Total" with the following code:


If you want to sum the column, use the following code:


After saving your calculation, click the new column name in the Columns list to display the column in your card.

Change Values in a Column

You can use a calculation to change a specified column value to a different value. For example, if you had a column called "Employee Last Name" and you wanted to change all instances of "Janssen" in the column to "Janssen-Soderquist," you would create a calculation with the following code:

case when `Employee Last Name` = 'Janssen'
then 'Janssen-Soderquist'
else `Employee Last Name`

Filter Values in a Column

You can filter values in a column by creating a calculation, then setting a filter to include or exclude the fields with the value you want. For example, assume you have a column of US states and you want to filter out State = TX, use this code:

case when `State` = 'TX'
then 0
else 1

Then set a filter where the column does not include 0.

Alternately, if you have multiple values you want to filter out:

case when `State` in ('NY', 'TX')
then 0
else 1

Then set a filter where the column does not include 0.

Or, when looking for patterns:

when `State` like '%TX%' then 0
when `State` like '%NY%' then 0
else 1

Then set a filter where the column does not include 0.

Force a Sort Order

You can tell Beast Mode to sort data the way you want.

WHEN `Development Status` = 'Requested' THEN 1
WHEN `Development Status` = 'In Development' THEN 2
WHEN `Development Status` = 'Code Complete' THEN 3
WHEN `Development Status` = 'Data Mapping' THEN 4
WHEN `Development Status` = 'Ready' THEN 5
WHEN `Development Status` = 'Deployer' THEN 6
WHEN `Development Status` = 'Forecasted' THEN 7
WHEN `Development Status` = 'Hold' THEN 8 ELSE 0

Sort by the column with numerical values.

Remove Numbers from Text

To remove numbers from text fields (for example, the fields include a name and ID number and you want just the names), use a Beast Mode calculation like this:

SUBSTRING(`text_Field`,INSTR(`text_Field`,' ')+1)

Replace the text_Field text with the name of the column you want to remove numbers from. This will give you the string from the first space to the right.