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Domo Knowledge Base

Adding a Poll Card to Domo

Version 12


You can add a Poll Card to Domo to survey users.

When adding a Poll Card to Domo, you specify your question, answer choices, and any additional options (such as whether the Poll allows one or multiple votes). Domo then adds a Card for the Poll to Domo. Users can respond to the survey from their own Domo accounts.

To add a Poll Card to Domo,

  1. Navigate to the Page where you want the Poll Card to appear.

  2. Click add_pages_icon.pngin the top right corner of the screen.

  3. Click Create new Card.
    The Choose a DataSet dialog appears.

    Tip: You can also open this dialog from anywhere in Domo by selecting in the app toolbar and selecting Card.
  4. Click Poll.
    A Page appears in which you can specify the information that makes up this Poll.

  5. Enter the Poll question in the Poll Question field.

    Note: Poll Card names/questions have a limit of 255 characters. 
  6. Enter the answer choices in the Poll Answers field.
    If your Poll requires more than five answer choices, you can add additional fields by clicking Add more answers.

  7. (Optional) Click  to remove an answer choice from the Poll.

  8. (Optional) Click and drag  up or down to move an answer choice to a different position in the list.

  9. (Conditional) If you want users to be able to select multiple answers in your Poll, select the first option under Poll Options; otherwise, select the second option.

  10. (Conditional) If you want users to be able to see current Poll results before they vote, check the box at the bottom of the Page.

  11. Click Create Poll.

For more information about Poll Cards, see Understanding Poll Cards