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Duplicating Pages

Version 7


You can duplicate any Page in Domo you have access to, along with all of its Cards, Collections, and filters. When you duplicate a Page, you are essentially doing a "Save As" on it. In other words, a copy of the Page and its contents is created that has a new name and is completely independent of the original Page. Any changes you make to the new Page or its Cards has no effect on the original Page or Cards. Any user with access to a Page can duplicate it regardless of security role; however, only those elements the user has access to will be copied. So, for example, if a Page contained Cards a certain user was not able to view due to lack of access rights, those Cards would not be copied into the new Page. 

When you duplicate a Page, the following elements in the Page are duplicated:

This option does not copy the following elements from Pages:

Video - "Save As" for Pages


To duplicate a Page in Domo,

  1. Navigate to the Page you want to duplicate.

  2. In the wrench menu in the top right corner of the screen, select Save As.
    A Save As New Page dialog appears.

  3. (Optional) Enter a new name for the Page in the New Page Title field.

  4. (Conditional) If you want to open the new Page after you save, check the box that reads "Go to new Page when done."

  5. Click Save.