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Linking Related Cards

Version 9


In any card Details view, you can add links to related cards. You add a link using the Link Related Card option, which is located under the card content. When you add a link, a corresponding link back to the current card is also added automatically to the linked card. You can add links to as many cards as you want. Links to related cards appear in the card Details view as a thumbnail image of the linked card.

To add a link to another card,

  1. In the Details view of a card, click Link Related Card.

  2. In the list of cards, locate and select the card you want to link to. You can locate a card either by scrolling the list or entering the name of the card in the search bar.
    A link to the card is added to this Details view, along with a thumbnail image of the card. A corresponding link to this card is also added to the card Details view you linked to.

  3. (Optional) Add another link.

You can also remove a card link from a Details view.

To remove a link to another card,

  1. Mouse over the thumbnail image.
  2. Click the  icon.