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Domo Knowledge Base

Adding an Existing Card to a Page

Version 6


If a Card already exists in your Domo instance, you can easily add it to a Page without having to recreate it first. You can add any kind of Card in this way (KPI Card, Doc Card, Sumo Card, etc.). You must have access to the Card you want to add, as well as edit capability in the Page.

To add an existing Card to a Page,

  1. Click add_pages_icon.pngin the top right corner of the screen.

  2. Select Add existing Card.

  3.  Select the Card you want in the list, either by entering the name in the Search Cards field or scrolling down the list.


The Card is added to the Page. If Domo Stories are enabled, it is added to the "Appendix" section at the bottom of the Page. For more information about Domo Stories, see Creating Domo Stories.