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Understanding Pages

Version 51



In Domo, Pages are screens where you can view Cards. 


Pages can be system Pages or Card Pages. System Pages have special properties (discussed in the next section) and are included by default in every Domo instance; you cannot copy, delete, or modify these. Card Pages are Pages you add yourself to your instance. These comes in two types, as will be explained later.

For more information about Cards, see Understanding Cards.

For information about personalizing the layout of Cards in Pages, see Managing Cards and Pages.

For more information about Domo Stories, see Creating Domo Stories.

System Pages

Domo contains several system Pages available by default in every instance.  

Page Name


Getting Started

Provides a default landing page with access to Cards and Pages, Buzz, and Alerts. Admin-level users can hide the Getting Started page for their instance by going into Admin > Company Settings > Company page settings and checking Hide "Getting Started" page from everyone

This Page is currently in BETA.

Business in a Box Provides access to pre-installed best practice dashboards that allow you to quickly bring the power of Domo to your whole company. For more information, see Business in a Box.


Contains Cards based on the default overview content specified for the groups you are a member of. In Admin Settings, administrators can specify the Cards that users see in this Page when they sign in to Domo. For more information, see Specifying Default Overview Content for Users.


Contains Cards you have designated as Favorites. You receive daily status reports for all Cards designated as Favorites. For more information, see Adding Cards as Favorites.


Contains Cards that other users have shared with you. For more information, see Controlling Access to Cards and Pages.

Video - Understanding Default Pages

Card Pages

Card Pages are Pages you add yourself to your instance. These comes in two types:

  • Standard Card Pages. Users can personalize these basic Pages by rearranging and resizing Cards and creating Collections. Other functionality such as borders and headers, background colors, drill-in-place, etc. is available only in Domo Stories Pages, not standard Pages. 

  • Domo Stories Pages. These Pages can only be personalized within a special Edit view, ensuring that all users see the same thing in a Page. Cards in a Domo Stories Page also appear the same no matter what device or platform you are using. These Pages also provide many more personalization options than standard Pages, such as headers, borders, background colors. You can also specify what actions occur when Cards are clicked (drill-in-place, opening an external URL, etc.). For more information about Domo Stories, see Creating Domo Stories.

Navigating to Pages and Subpages

You can find all of the Pages and Subpages you have access to on the left side of the screen in a scrollable "Dashboards" list. You can collapse this list by clicking the unpin_dashboard_icon.pngicon, giving more space when you want to focus on important dashboard content. You can still show the list when it is in its collapsed state by mousing over the new_nav_show_list.pngicon, or "repin" the list by clicking new_nav_repin.png.


You can search for Pages and Subpages in your instance by entering the name in the Filter by name box, allowing you to quickly filter down the list of Pages as you type.


If you have added Pages as Favories, you can jump to them quickly by clicking Favorites at the top of the Pages list and selecting the Page you want to open.

You can add, rename, reorder, and hide Pages in the Manage Pages dialog, which you access by clicking Manage Pages at the bottom of the left-hand Pages navigation list. For more information, see Managing Pages.


Adding Pages to your Domo instance

You can add Pages and Subpages to your Domo instance in the Manage Pages dialog. For more information about this dialog, see Managing Pages.

Sharing Pages

By default, when you add a Page or Subpage to Domo, you are the only user who can access that Page. You can share access to Pages and Cards using sharing controls. For more information, see Sharing Access to Content.


Viewing or changing the Page owner

You can view the owner of a Page. The owner's user photo appears at the top of the Page to the left of the "Shared" information.


When you click the owner's photo, an avatar Card appears that contains contact information, the user's most frequently and recently viewed Cards, a list of groups to which the user belongs, a Go to Profile button, a Follow button so that you can follow this user in Buzz, an Assign Task button so you can assign tasks to the user, and a Send Message button so you can contact them in Buzz. For more information about the Profile Page, see Profile Page Layout. For more information about following a user, see Following a Card or User in Buzz.

You can change the owner of a Page by clicking the Change link and selecting the new owner in the menu. This link only appears if...

  • you have an "Admin" default security role,

  • you have a custom role with the "Manage Cards and Pages" privilege enabled, or

  • you are the Page owner.

For more information about default security roles, see Default Security Role Reference. For more information about custom roles, see Managing Roles.

Adding Cards to Pages

Clicking add_pages_icon.png in the upper right corner of a Page (or selecting > Card) displays options for adding a Card. For more information, see Adding Cards to Domo.

Options for Pages

Options for working with Pages can be found under the three icons in the top right corner of the Page view. These can be divided up as follows: "Add Page" options (found under the add_pages_icon.png menu), "Share Page" options (found under the page_share_options_menu.pngmenu), and "Configure Page" options (found under the details_gear_icon.png menu). 

"Add Pages" options

Click add_pages_icon.pngin the upper right corner of a Page to access options for adding Pages. 



Add Existing Card

Lets you select a Card that has already been created in Domo and add it to this Page. For more information, see Adding an Existing Card to a Page.

Create New Card

Lets you create a new Card in Domo using one of a number of different options, including uploading an Excel or CSV file, creating a Notebook Card, building a Card using existing data, and so on. For more information, see Adding Cards to Domo.

Assign Card Creation

Lets you assign another user in your organization to create a Card. For more information, see Assigning Users to Power Up Template KPI Cards.

New Collection (standard Pages only)

Allows you to create a new Card collection on this Page. For more information, see Creating and Managing Card Collections.

View App Details

Displays the Details view of the QuickStart App in use for the Page and the Cards. For more information, see The Appstore.

"Share Page" options

Click page_share_options_menu.pngin the upper right corner of a Page to access options for sharing a Page. 




Lets you share access to this Page with other users in your organization. For more information, see Sharing Content in Domo.

View Page as Slideshow

Plays Cards in the Page as a temporary slideshow. For more information, see Viewing a one-time slideshow of Cards on a Page.

Publish as Slideshow

Adds Cards in the Page as slides in a slideshow that you can save. For more information about creating and managing slideshows, see Sharing Content Using Slideshows.

Export as PowerPoint

Downloads all of the Cards in this Page to Microsoft PowerPoint. For more information, see Exporting KPI Cards.

Export as PDF (Domo Stories Pages only)

Exports this Page and all of the Cards in it as a PDF. For more information, see Exporting Domo Stories Pages to PDF.

Publish to Store

Lets you publish this Page to the Appstore. For more information about the App publication process, visit

Schedule as Report

Lets you set a schedule for this Page to be sent to users as a Scheduled Report. For more information, see Scheduling Reports.

Send Now

Sends a Scheduled Report for this Page to the users in the recipient list immediately instead of having to wait for the scheduled time. For more information, see Scheduling Reports.


"Configure Page" options

Click details_gear_icon.pngin the upper right corner of a Page to access options for configuring this Page. 



Design Dashboard (Standard Pages only)

Lets you convert a Standard Page into a Domo Stories Page. If the Page is already a Domo Stories Page, this option is replaced by Edit Dashboard. For more information, see Creating Domo Stories.

Edit Dashboard (Domo Stories Pages only)

Opens the Editor mode for a Domo Stories Page so you can make changes to the layout, Cards, interactions, and so on. For more information, see Creating Domo Stories.

Convert to Standard Page (Domo Stories Pages only)

Reverts this Domo Stories Page back to a Standard Page. For more information, see Creating Domo Stories.

Add to Favorites 

Adds this Page to your list of favorited Pages. Once a Page is added as a Favorite, you can open it quickly by clicking Favorites in the left-hand navigation panel and choosing the Page you want. For more information, see Adding Pages as Favorites.

Remove from Favorites

Removes this Page from your favorited Pages. For more information, see Adding Pages as Favorites.

Edit Scheduled Reports

Opens the Scheduled Report Editor mode for this Page. For more information, see Scheduling Reports.

Expand All Collections (Standard Pages only)

Opens all Collections on this Page. For more information, see Creating and Managing Card Collections.

Collapse All Collections (Standard Pages only)

Collapses all Collections on this Page. For more information, see Creating and Managing Card Collections

Save As 

Lets you save this Page as a new version. For more information, see Duplicating Pages.

Full Screen (Domo Stories Pages only)

Opens the full-screen mode for a Domo Stories Page. For more information, see Creating Domo Stories.

Size options (Standard Pages only)

Allow you to change the size of all of the Cards in this Page. For more information, see Changing the Size of Cards in a Page.

Connect/Update Data (App Pages only)

Lets you connect data to this App Page or update the data source being used to power the Cards. For more information, see Deploying Apps from the Appstore.

Page Filters

You can use Page Filters to apply data filters that affect all of the KPI, Sumo, and Domo App cards powered by a specified DataSet in a page. You turn on Page Filters by clicking the page_filter_icon.png icon in the upper right area of the Page then setting Filters as desired. For more information, see Applying Page-Level Filters.