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New Navigation Announcement

Version 4



Domo's new navigation makes it easy to organize and manage your Pages so that they are easier to find, regardless of whether you have just a few Pages or a few hundred. It also makes is possible to navigate to all of Domo’s most used features in fewer clicks, decreasing the time it takes you to perform actions in Domo and get answers. For more information, watch this demo video. The new navigation will be released to all Domo customers in October 2019. 

Here’s a highlight list of some of the most notable improvements:

Improved UI

The Pages menu has been moved to the left side of the screen in a scrollable "Dashboards" list. You can collapse this list by clicking the unpin_dashboard_icon.pngicon, giving more space when you want to focus on important dashboard content. You can still show the list when it is in its collapsed state by mousing over the new_nav_show_list.pngicon, or "repin" the list by clicking new_nav_repin.png


The list is searchable too, allowing you to quickly filter down the list of Pages as you type.


You will also find shortcuts to your most important Domo functions now exposed at the top of the screen, giving you quicker access.


Third-level Pages

An additional level of Page hierarchy lets you create Subpages of your Subpages. You have more options than ever for how you organize your Pages to show related information. 


Favorite Pages

You can now mark Pages as "favorites," making it easier for you to get to your most important content in Domo. You can add any Page as a "favorite" Page by choosing the Add to favorites option in the wrench menu for the Page. 


Once a Page is added as a Favorite, you can jump to it quickly by clicking Favorites at the top of the Pages list and selecting the Page you want to open.

Getting Started Page

The new Getting Started Page gives users an improved login experience with easier access to several of the most important Domo functions. This Page enables users to get value out of Domo faster by helping them find important Cards and Pages, create Alerts, and join Buzz conversations. This will help guide new users to what they should be doing in Domo and give them a meaningful login experience.


Note: Any Page that has been designated as a company landing Page will continue to be the default Page. 

For companies that have processes already in place to onboard new users or that already have company landing Pages configured, there is an option to “shut off” this Page at the company settings level. This will allow Admin-level users to hide the Getting Started Page for all users at the company and keep their existing onboarding/login process, should they choose to. 

To hide the Getting Started page, an Admin user should do the following:

  1. Go into Admin Settings > Company Settings > Company page settings.

  2. Check the box reading Hide "Getting Started" page from everyone.