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Domo Knowledge Base

What is Domo?

Version 28



Domo is the Business Cloud. It is a mobile, cloud-based, social, community-driven business intelligence platform with the power to transform the way you manage your business. Domo can help you view data in one place, democratize across your organization, socialize important goals, and create accountability.

How can Domo benefit my business?

  • All your data in a single dashboard in real-time or right-time

  • Self-service BI to connect to DataSets

  • Manage performance

  • Access the right information at the right time

  • Unlimited drill down through data layers of a metric (or KPI)

  • View your strategic metrics graphically

  • Monitor, analyze, and manage key activities and processes

  • Make better decisions, faster

  • Collaborate with all who need to know

For more information about Domo, see

Domo Fact Sheet

Domo Factsheet.png

To download this fact sheet as a PDF, click here