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Finding Top Customer-Generated Solutions Using Dojo

Version 9



Imagine you are trying to optimize a Domo solution and you are about to hit your late afternoon deadline. Unfortunately you have pressing questions you're unable to answer, and none of your MajorDomos are around. What do you do?

How about trying Dojo, Domo's online community of experts? Consult this resource to find out if your question has already been answered; with hundreds of existing questions and solutions from experts, it's likely your question has already been answered. And if not, you're more than welcome to ask questions yourself. Dojo also contains an "Ideas Exchange" where you can submit your great ideas.

The content in this article was shared in our Domopalooza 2017 Tips and Tricks session. For more information about this session, see Tips and Tricks: Quick Lessons from Power Users.

For a one-page PDF that describes the different ways that Dojo can benefit your business, click here: What is Dojo.pdf

Accessing Dojo

You can log into Dojo from your Domo instance.

To access Dojo,

  1. Log into your Domo instance.
  2. Click the App icon in the toolbar and select Help Center.

  3. Mouse over the Domo Dojo icon then click Go to Site.

 You are then taken directly into the Dojo and automatically logged in.

Updating Your Profile Info

You can update your Dojo profile information in the Settings menu.

To update your profile info,

  1. Click the grid icon dojo_grid_icon.png in the upper right corner of Dojo.
    A menu screen opens.

  2. Click the gear icon dojo_gear_icon.png in the upper right corner. (This icon only appears if you are signed into Dojo.)

  3. Click through the different tabs to change different aspects of your profile information in the Dojo. 


Searching for Existing Solutions

Before submitting a question, you should search the community to see if a solution already exists to your problem. You do this by entering a search term in the Search field at the top of the home screen.

Let's say you wanted information about combining columns in a DataSet. You would enter "combine columns" into the Search field. A list of existing questions related to the search term would pop up. In this example, the user selects the question around combining day, month, and year columns into a usable date format. 

A new page would then appear, with the question at the top, followed by the top-viewed solution in recent months.

Here is another example, in which the user searches for year-over-year ("YOY")...

...and gets the following page of results:

You can view the most recent solutions in Dojo by clicking the desired link in the New Solutions pane in the Home page.

Ideas Exchange

If you have great ideas for improving Domo, you can share them in the Ideas Exchange. Dojo is the only place in Domo where you can submit ideas to Domo Engineering as well as view other ideas, vote them up, and influence the Domo product roadmap. You cannot do this in Buzz or email, as they are peer-to-peer. 

As of March 2017, approximately 900 ideas have been submitted; of these, more than 135 have been delivered in the product or have been approved for an upcoming release.

You can access this by clicking Ideas Exchange on the Home page.


Domo Dojo Day

Every 6 weeks we run Domo Dojo Day. We bring in our top consultants and Support representatives to reply to your toughest questions in 10 minutes or less in the Dojo. We heavily promote this day in Dojo, social channels, and via email. Here is a sample promo graphic from the Dojo LinkedIn channel: