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Domo Knowledge Base

Free Domo Quick Help Resources

Free Domo offers powerful, robust features that will help you fundamentally change the way you do business. This article provides quick access to 8 of the most common things new users want to learn how to do in Free Domo. Enjoy!

1. Interface Overview

Learn how to get around in Domo.


  • Domo application layout

  • Overview of key features

  • Overview of Domo settings

2. Building a Card

Learn how to build and power up your first card.


  • Powering a card with data

  • Using the Analyzer

  • Card building FAQs and best practices

3. Adding New Data with a Connector

Learn how to bring in new data with Domo connectors.


  • Using connectors

  • Changing connector settings

  • Scheduling data update frequency

4. Uploading On-Prem Data to Domo

Learn how to use Workbench to upload on-prem data into Domo.


  • Installing Workbench

  • Creating a data upload job in Workbench

  • Adding a transformation to a DataSet in Workbench

5. Joining DataSets Together

Learn how to join DataSets together with Magic ETL.


  • Introduction to DataFlows

  • Creating Magic ETL DataFlows

  • DataFlow best practices

6. Sharing Content in Domo

Learn how to share insights from Domo with others.


  • Sharing and removing access to content

  • Exporting cards

  • Sharing content with non-Domo users

7. Chatting and Collaborating in Domo

Learn the ins and outs of Domo's robust collaboration features.


  • Starting a conversation in Buzz

  • Managing conversations

  • Sharing cards through Buzz

8. Inviting New Users to Domo

Learn how to invite new users. The more the merrier!


  • How to send out Free Domo invites