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Submitting Domo Product Feedback

Version 6



Domo has built a product feedback channel right into the product because we want to hear from all of our customers. We understand that sometimes the best ideas for product improvements or enhancements come from those that are using Domo every single day. When submitting product feedback, it is sent directly over to the Domo product team for review.

Submitting Product Feedback

If you would like to submit an enhancement or have an idea for a new feature, 

  1. Click More in the toolbar at the top of the screen.
  2. Select Feedback.


  3. Choose Product Feedback.

    Note: If you would like to submit an issue rather than an enhancement to the product, select Support Issue to contact Domo Support.

  4. Type a description of your feedback.

Our Dojo community is always open for any questions or concerns you may run into. This will gives an opportunity to seek answers from other Domo users or even answer a few questions yourself. 

You can find the Dojo community here


How do I know when to submit Product Feedback as opposed to a Support ticket?

Product Feedback is reserved for features or enhancements that you would like added to Domo and not necessarily problems or bugs that you may encounter. Any issues you experience should be sent to our Support team for additional troubleshooting/assistance. 

When can I expect to hear back from Domo's Product team regarding my feedback?

We do not have an exact timeframe on when this turnaround will occur. However, we can assure that our team will follow up with you directly to address your request in detail.

When will my requested feature be added to the Domo product?

We cannot guarantee that all features will be added, but your ideas help us to create an incredible Domo experience for everyone!