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Domo Knowledge Base

Starting, Stopping, and Restarting the Workbench 5 Service

Version 6


The Workbench service starts up automatically after the machine starts Windows.

You can stop, start, or restart the Workbench service manually using the Windows system taskbar.

Tip: If a Workbench icon does not appear in the Windows system taskbar, click Start > Domo > Workbench Monitor.

For information about running the Workbench application, see Running Workbench 5.

To manually start, stop, or restart the Workbench service,

  1. In the Windows system taskbar, right-click the Workbench service icon .
    A menu appears.

  2. Select Service, then click the option you want (Start, Stop, or Restart).

For information about the controls and field settings in Workbench, see Understanding the Workbench 5 User Interface.