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Exporting Domo Stories Pages to PDF

Version 7


Export Domo Stories

You can export Domo Stories Pages to a PDF by selecting the Export as PDF option in the wrench menu in the upper right corner of the screen. This option appears only for Domo Stories Pages. It does not appear for standard pages.

Export icon grayed out

If any Dashboard (section of Cards) in the Page is greater than 11 inches high, the Export as PDF option is unavailable (since a PDF page is 11 inches high). If you go into the Edit mode for the Page, a warning message appears next to the Dashboard that is too tall, as follows:


Once you shorten all Dashboards displaying this warning, you will be able to export the page to PDF.

For more information about Domo Stories Pages, see Creating Domo Stories

To export a Domo Stories Page to PDF,

  1. Open the Domo Stories Page you want to export.

  2. In the page_share_options_menu.png menu in the upper right corner, select Export as PDF.