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Creating an Adrenaline DataFlow

Version 3



Adrenaline DataFlows are an in-house built, high-scale, and high-performance data transformation tool for massive DataSets in Domo powered by the Adrenaline engine. It uses a SQL script-based transformation interface, similar to MySQL DataFlows. Adrenaline DataFlows allows you to rapidly summarize and aggregate massive DataSets into smaller, more performant, outputs. Adrenaline DataFlows are able to deliver high-performance by leveraging architectural investments and performance improvements made to Domo's Adrenaline engine over time.

Note: This feature is available on demand and paid.


To request this feature be enabled,

  • Reach out to your Domo Customer Success Manager, Technical Consultant, or Account Executive.

  • If you do not have contact information for your CSM, TC, or AE, contact Technical Support. For information on how to contact Support, please see: Getting Help

Depending on the feature, you may be required to complete training before you can use the feature.

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Use Cases

Adrenaline DataFlows are designed to work with massive input DataSets, even in the Billions of rows of data. We recommend Adrenaline DataFlows for the following use cases:

  1. Building high-performance Dashboards from massive DataSets. Instead of directly building Cards off such large DataSets, we recommend using Adrenaline DataFlows to create summarized and aggregated smaller outputs which should then be used to power fast, high-performance Dashboards. For cases where access to the full data is needed, we recommend setting up drill paths to the original DataSet from the visualizations built from the summarized DataFlow outputs.

  2. Data transformations that require scanning the entire length of massive DataSets e.g., COUNT DISTINCT, SUM, and other aggregate operations.

Note: We do not recommend using Adrenaline DataFlows for doing row-by-row transformations, where DataFlow outputs have similar row counts as input DataSets.


At what input DataSet sizes should I consider Adrenaline Transformations versus other DataFlows?

We recommend using Adrenaline DataFlows when you want to operate with massive input DataSets, even in the Billions of rows of input data.

Are there any limits on executions for Adrenaline DataFlows?

Yes, by default Adrenaline DataFlow executions are capped to a 30-min timeout. If your specific DataFlow requires additional time to complete, we can extend timeouts on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out via Support to increase execution time for your specific use case.

Are Adrenaline DataFlows available by default?

Adrenaline DataFlows are a Premium feature. Please reach out to your Domo account team to learn more about pricing plans, including a limited free trial to test out your use cases.

How do I track Adrenaline DataFlows usage?

DomoStats for DataFlows will provide DataFlow execution stats for Adrenaline DataFlows.

How do I control access to Adrenaline DataFlows in my Domo instance?

You must either be an Admin or have a role with the "Edit Adrenaline DataFlow" grant enabled. For more information about roles and grants, see Managing Custom Roles.