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Form Viewer

Version 3


Quickly fill out and distribute your Form Builder forms


The Form Viewer app provides you with the ability to view, select, and fill out a form. In the app, you will be able to have a form deployed to your Form Viewer instance and from there they are able to select and view a preview of the selected form. You're only able to fill out and submit one form in the Form Viewer app, but you are able to go back to your form and continue to fill out your form at will. 

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Parts of the Form Viewer App

Landing Screen

The Landing Screen includes five main form components:

  • Search for existing Forms
  • Name and Description information
  • Creator information 
  • Last Modified information
  • Tags associated with each form

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Preview Screen

The Preview Screen appears when you select a form from the Landing Screen. This Preview Screen displays a brief preview of the first section of your selected form, though input is disabled so you will not be able to answer anything from this Preview Screen. From the Preview Screen you are either able to Select Form or select the 'X' button and go back to the Landing Screen. 

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Confirm Form Selection Screen

The Confirm Form Selection Screen is visible once you select your form from the Preview Screen and prompts you to either confirm or cancel your action to fill out the currently selected form. 

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Form 'Start' Screen

The Form 'Start' Screen is the place where the form itself actually appears for the first time in the Form Viewer app. From the start screen you're able to begin to fill out your selected form. Once 'begin' is selected, you are able to start inputting data into the form.

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Form 'Submit' Screen

The Form 'Submit' Screen is the screen appears once you have finished filling out all the questions in the form. This screen asks you if you'd like to fill out another response, to which you'll be taken back to the Landing Page. 

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Note that if a form has been updated while you are in the form you'll receive a warning letting you know that the currently selected form has been updated by the form creator. 

Connecting New Form Builder Data

Each time that you generate a new Form Builder card from the app's asset, it creates a new group of Export datasets in the Data Center that are used to power the Form Viewer app. This means that your Form Viewer is still pointing to the old Form Builder assets, so you'll need to update Form Viewer to point at the new Export datasets. The datasets that need to be updated will be called ExportColumns, ExportGroups, ExportSubmittedUsers, ExportFilters, ExportTags, ExportForms, ExportItems, and ExportSections. 

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In order to fix this issue, go to your Form Viewer app and select Edit Card from the wrench menu. Scroll down and swap out all of the currently mapped datasets to the new Form Builder datasets. The Export datasets should all be identified but the app context ID, which you will also find in the Form Builder dataset name. 

Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 10.59.26 AM.png

After making these updates, you'll be able to see the new form in the Form Viewer app. 

How Do I Get This?

To begin using the Domo Form Viewer app, have an Admin contact your Customer Success Manager.



Why is this important?

Opens up a Domo as a data creation platform rather than just a data consuming one. Lock a single form to a view for a more defined user experience. 

How do I use it?

Simple form creation tool - web/mobile friendly. Pivot data to gain insights in Domo.